We all know by now that matcha is delicious, versatile, and loaded with health benefits. But, did you know that it can also power you through your workouts and help you maintain a healthy weight? Numerous studies have shown that matcha may help speed up metabolism to increase energy expenditure and boost fat burning by as much as 17%. Plus, the L-theanine in matcha ensures that you will absorb its energy-boosting properties slowly, meaning that focus and vitality will ramp up steadily and last longer.

Here are three ways to enjoy matcha that will enhance your concentration, aid healthy weight management, and boost your physical well-being.  

1. Add Matcha to Your Water Bottle

You're already sipping water throughout the day anyway, right? If not, you should be, since proper hydration is a cornerstone of good health and effective weight management. But there is no reason sipping can't be at least a little fun. Try adding some pizzazz to your water by sprinkling in some matcha. All you need is filtered water, matcha, and a water bottle with a tight-fitting lid, so you can give it a good shake! Then sip away to slowly absorb matcha's many benefits all day long. You'll feel refreshed, relaxed, and energized, all while staying mindful and rooted in your daily tasks.

You can experiment with the right amount of matcha to add to your water based on your own personal tastes. However, the more matcha you use, the more caffeinated your water will become. Also note that it's probably best to switch to plain water about five hours before your bedtime, so that you can still reap all the benefits of a restful night's sleep.     

2. Drink Matcha Around 3:00 PM

Drink matcha around 3:00 PM to avoid that infamous afternoon crash. It's normal to start feeling tired after lunch for a variety of reasons. If you ate a carb-heavy lunch, your blood sugar probably spiked and then dropped, leaving you exhausted and moody. Or, if you work a desk job, maybe you have been sitting for a long time, and you get tired because your body associates stillness with sleep. Or, if you've let yourself get dehydrated over the course of the day, that can make you feel tired and irritable.  

If at all possible, the afternoon crash should be prevented, because it leads many of us to reach for sugary snacks or beverages, which starts the whole spike and crash cycle again. Take note of when your afternoon crash typically occurs, and drink matcha about thirty minutes before that time. If you drink it along with a small healthy snack, all the better, because this will help stabilize your blood sugar, and it will slow down caffeine absorption. This means you'll feel matcha's rejuvenating effects for longer, and your mental focus and clarity will remain strong throughout the evening. 

3. Drink Matcha Before Any Physical Activity

Matcha is a great drink to sip thirty minutes before a workout. This is because the caffeine in matcha, bonded with L-theanine, may help you perform optimally during your workout, and also allows you to burn fat quickly and efficiently. You'll have more stamina, and will be able to exercise for longer. Plus, the increased mental focus that comes from matcha may help you avoid injury

Matcha is so much more than a replacement for your morning coffee. It can also help you attack your workouts with vigor, avoid afternoon energy crashes, and keep you calm and alert all day long. Pair this with matcha's cancer-fighting, heart-disease-preventing, and bone health-promoting properties, and you really do have a beverage that can see you through each day, start to finish. 

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