Matcha is super trendy as of late, and for good reason! It has various health benefits and an even better caffeine buzz than coffee. However, with great trends comes great misinformation. Let's set the record straight for three of the most commonly spread matcha myths.

1. Matcha Tastes Bitter

Matcha is a bit like wine in many ways. There are bitter wines and silky smooth wines, and it usually has to do with the process in which they're produced. More often than not, bitter matcha is the result of the lower quality tea leaves and the ratio of tea to water. Like wines, matcha can also be an acquired taste. Traditional matcha beverages may seem much more strong and bitter to a less sophisticated palate. 

2. Matcha is Too Expensive

In keeping with our wine comparison, you know there are cheap wines and much more expensive wines. Matcha is similar. The difference being that with matcha, the price typically accurately coincides with quality, and that's not always the case with wine. There are three grades of matcha powder: 

  1. Ceremonial Grade
  2. Premium Grade
  3. Culinary Grade

Ceremonial grade is the best quality and is typically smoother, and has the best taste. Like wine, you can experiment with various brands and grades, but keep in mind that when you use ceremonial grade matcha, you need only start with an amount as small as one gram per 100 ml of water and work up from there. This means that a 100-gram bag of matcha can potentially make up to 100 beverages.

3. You Can't Make a Good Matcha at Home

Oh, honey, no. Many people believe matcha is difficult to make because they think you need to own a traditional bamboo whisk and bowl. Sure, you can go that route, but to think it's the only way just isn't the case. You can use anything from a blender, a simple immersion frother, or even a jar with a lid to whip together the liquid with the matcha and serve yourself a delicious drink with incredible nutrients.

With all the health benefits matcha offers and the convenience of crafting a beverage at home, it can be beneficial to start with the very best quality. Zen Tea Leaf's Premium Matcha is ceremonial grade USDA-certified organic tea. In terms of quality, it doesn't get any better than that. To learn more, visit our blog.