White Chocolate & Matcha Chia Pudding Fig Jam

White Chocolate & Matcha Chia Pudding Fig Jam

White Chocolate & Matcha Chia Pudding Fig Jam

This deliciously rich WHITE CHOCOLATE & MATCHA CHIA PUDDING with a homemade FIG JAM is such a wonderful dessert for spending the night off!
Follow this recipe to make a delicious one.
🍴⁠ RECIPE 🍴⁠
½ cup of chia seeds⁠
2 cups of milk⁠
100 g of white chocolate⁠
1 tbsp of Zen Tea Leaf® Matcha Green Tea Powder⁠
chopped nuts⁠

*Fig jam⁠
200 g of fresh ripe figs⁠
3 tbsp of white sugar⁠
1 tsp of vanilla seeds or vanilla extract⁠
2 tbsp of water⁠
1 tsp of lemon juice⁠

*Chia Pudding⁠
Melt white chocolate.⁠
In a bowl, whisk in milk, matcha powder & chia seeds.⁠
Slowly pour & whisk in white chocolate until incorporate.⁠
Refrigerate for 5 hours.⁠

Fig jam⁠
Remove hard parts of the fig stem and cut figs into small pieces.⁠
Place them in a small pot & add all other jam ingredients.⁠
Cook for 10 mins.⁠
Move to a food processor & mix until you get a smooth jam.⁠

Place the pudding into two glasses halfway up.⁠
Then add the jam and finish with the rest of the pudding.⁠
If you wish, you can add some fresh figs into the glass and on top.⁠
Top everything with chopped nuts.⁠



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